I’m not sure what week in particular these were taken but they were all taken using my film camera. I’ve been neglecting my dslr and this blog for quite a while, only posting photographs for the sake of keeping the blog alive, because I’ve been busy trying to actually live in the present. It’s getting more and more difficult to put into words the things that I would like to say, that’s why I write less these days (mostly I write in less than 140 characters).  A lot has happened since the year began and a lot has changed, I guess. I’ve gained a lot more friends and found inspiration in new faces. I’ve also had the opportunity to listen to stories of artists I look up to. People whose works I admire. I don’t have much to say anymore (too lazy to bother sharing about my life). Allow me to lift a few words from Taylor Swift’s song to describe how I am currently, I’m happy, free, confused, and lonely at the same time. Basically, I’m still doing fine and life’s okay, thank you for reading!

April 02 2014
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Life in film.

March 26 2014
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Is blogging still a thing?

March 01 2014
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I find myself lost for words whenever I try to tell people about how I’ve been lately. Most days are unremarkable really, some are genuinely great. This week, I ate ramen with a friend, walked around campus in a school I don’t go to, and went home safely. Cooked myself eggs, ate the best red velvet cake I have ever had, and spent the whole night laughing like a drunk person while eating at different fast food chains with my blockmate. The other day, the person that I like said hi to me and introduced me to his best friend. Yesterday, I made new friends, bought stuff at the hardware store by myself, and heard an old song on the radio. Everyday there will always be something to smile about. The gist is that I’m doing okay and although sometimes, I stress over things I cannot control and overthink before I sleep, I’d like to think that I’m happy and that I am surrounded by good people. I hope you’re all doing well and you don’t find this post too melodramatic.

February 25 2014
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