October 16 2014 23 notes
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It has come to a point wherein I no longer feel the need to apologize for the blog coma.  It’s not that I don’t have the time, it’s just that now I spend it more with people rather than my computer. On my free days though I still spend an unhealthy amount of time on the internet and waste myself away on youtube videos. I haven’t used my camera in a while but I’m excited to be shooting again for our photography class this term. All photos were taken using an iPhone, you can also find them on my instagram! If you wish to follow, I am more active there than on here.

Thank you for reading! xx

September 30 2014 54 notes
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Although a lot of people have left this place, and by this place I meant the blogging ghost town that is Tumblr, I still feel like I am obliged to write and share pictures so, here it goes. Life’s been treating me good these past few weeks. I’m often half asleep though, I literally feel like I’m just floating around (I’m not on drugs calm down) but everything seems to be okay. I don’t think I’m doing well in school since I often cut most of my classes but I’m not necessarily failing either. I’m not entirely disappointed with myself or my grades so, yes I’m okay! I’m just really happy right now and I’m trying to stay positive (except on drug tests, once again calm down). I’ve been spending less time at home and more time in school, train stations, book stores and other random places. Last week my friend tagged me along with him to Tomas Morato. We spent about an hour or so walking around Kamuning looking for the place we were going to, the other guy we were with kept asking every kuya he saw without realizing he was actually asking for the wrong place.We eventually found the building and I got to listen to Good Leaf.

I’ve also been talking to a lot of people which bothers a few of my friends. Just yesterday, I met a little girl. I helped her carry her things since they looked heavier than her, and trust me, they were. She’s nine but she commutes alone on her way home everyday. When I was nine I didn’t even know you had to pay when you’re riding a jeep. She was just such a lovely girl! I love conversations with strangers. There was one Sunday where my blockmate and I went to Ateneo for a dance show thing, it was so late already that I had no choice but to take a cab. The driver gave me the creeps because there were times wherein he seemed like a potential kidnapper and I swear I’m not being incredibly judgemental on this one. But during the long drive he told me about his life and family, and I really appreciated that (plus the fact that he didn’t kidnap me or rape me thank you).

And one last thing, recently I was chosen to be part of our school’s “varsity team” for the multimedia arts cluster, basically we have to join competitions and seminars, stuff like that. My friends tease me about it and I usually just laugh but deep down I’m really excited and grateful for the opportunity!

I tried to be organized in narrating the events that have happened during the past few weeks but this is the best I got. Thank you for reading! x

August 01 2014 39 notes
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