I miss shooting in film!

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Posted July 09 2014
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I learned from one of my writing classes that’s it’s wrong to include too many ideas in one paragraph so I will try to lessen my habit of excessively enumerating things whenever I write. Anyway, days go by so fast that everything becomes a blur to me. To be honest the only thing registered in my brain on the file “June” is San Antonio Spurs winning the NBA finals and watching The Fault In Our Stars with my siblings. I can’t quite sort out the other folders of my memory but to recap the past month, well, I spent about seventy percent of my time in school, ten percent sleeping at home, another ten at train stations, and the remaining ten in different fast food chains. Juandering in Manila 3.0 was also held last month and albeit exhausting, it was definitely a lot of fun. I’m so proud of Cheska, Trysh, and Marc aka Taft Taft Revenge for winning the whole challenge!

We’re now on the 5th day of July and surprisingly, I’m not really stressing on anything right now even though I have so much on my plate (yolo mofos, ehhhh just kidding). I don’t like the rain though. I hate it when it rains because the traffic gets a hundred times worse! There was one time wherein I had to swim amidst the sea of people in order to get a ride home. It was insane!

The photo above was taken in Ronac Art Center, I finally got the chance to go earlier this week. That’s about it for update, thank you for reading! x

Posted July 05 2014
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If I were to describe the first week of June with simply one word I’d go with eventful, but hot would be spot on as well. My mom celebrated her birthday on the 3rd and my dad celebrated his on the 4th. We didn’t really do anything on the day of my mom’s birthday since she’s in Canada, we did however, eat fancy shmancy dinner during our dad’s birthday. I also tried to dye my hair on my own because I am a strong independent woman, but sadly I’m still stuck with my black hair. Kidding aside, the hair dye was worth 50 php so I thought there wasn’t much to lose if in case the dye won’t work (except maybe my crowning glory then potentially have bald spots). So dye my hair, I did. And as I was applying the mix on my hair I noticed it turning red and I got anxious because I thought my scalp was bleeding from the cheap dye. I was so scared to the extent that I had to stop and text everyone about it! Another thing that happened this week: school. Classes began last Thursday and although most of the professors didn’t really show up, the first two days were so much fun. Bossing around freshmen students was the best thing. Hah just kidding! The best was being able to talk to a lot of people (socializing is my thing) and San Antonio Spurs winning on the first game. I hope I don’t die of stress this term or give up like I always do halfway through the semester. That’s about it, today’s my brother’s birthday, thank you for reading! x

P.S I saw “Miracle in Cell No. 7” this week and wept like a baby! I definitely recommend the movie, it’s really funny and heartwarming at the same time.

Posted June 07 2014
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